One-Handed Beer Football Actually Exists! (Video)

pbr bowl

Drinking beer and playing football are two of America’s most cherished pastimes.  Interestingly enough, the Babbitt and Hembry boys from Emerson, Iowa have decided to combine the two in order to create one of the country’s coolest Thanksgiving Day traditions.

They call it the PBR Bowl–appropriately named after the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer that they drink while playing–and this year marked the game’s tenth anniversary.  Still wondering exactly how it works?  Well, the rules are actually quite simple.  According to the DesMoinesRegister, they are as follows:

1. You must have a PBR in your hand at all times.

2. If you drop the PBR, you must chug it and grab another.

3. 40-yard field.

4. One-hand touch.

5. Extra points still given if you can pull out your high school jersey or letter jacket. Extra points will also be given to beards and mullets.

6. We play until we get to 70 points … or until we get really tired or we run out of beer, whatever happens first.

Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?

Care to see what it looks like in action?  Take a look:

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