Check Out This Wicked Amateur Taekwondo Knockout (Video)

awesome amateur spinning back-heel taekwondo knockout

You know what’s great about the internet when it comes to the world of sports? A great story or highlight can now come from anywhere!

Sure, the best ones still tend to come from elite pro athletes. But every once in a while we get a clip of amateurs doing amazing stuff, and all of a sudden a 9-year-old female football player is on a Wheaties Box. Needless to say, this sort of stuff didn’t happen 20 years ago.

Of course, I’m not saying the clip we have for you today is going to catapult anybody to Wheaties Box fame. But it is awesome, and I guess every once in a while I like to step back and appreciate the fact that we even get to see stuff like this.

The highlight comes from an amateur taekwondo competition. We don’t know where, because the person who posted it didn’t offer a description. But we do know that the unlucky kid in the blue pads gets knocked out cold by a wicked spinning back-kick.

Take a look:

So thanks for the 15 seconds of entertainment random Tae Kwon Do kid. Keep up the good work!

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