Chiefs Overcome Tragedy Of Jovan Belcher’s Murder-Suicide, Earn Victory (Video)

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Think you’re Monday isn’t going so great? Well, it could have been worse. You could have come in to work this morning and learned that one of your coworkers and good friends had murdered his girlfriend and then driven to work and committed suicide in front of your boss.

That, obviously, is what everyone in the Kansas City Chiefs organization had to deal with yesterday.

By now you’ve surely heard the story: on Saturday, Kansas City linebacker Jovan Belcher, 25, apparently murdered his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, 22. Then he drove to the Chiefs’ practice facility at Arrowhead Stadium, where he reportedly thanked GM Scott Pioli and coach Romeo Crennel for all they’d done for him before taking his own life in the parking lot.

Of course, after this happened, the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs had a big question to tackle: do they play their game against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday afternoon, or not?

Now, quite often, when a member of a sports team suffers a major loss, they will play on. When they do, they say they did it to honor their fallen friend or relative, or because “that’s what he [or she] would have wanted.” However, this case was tricky. On the one hand, players and coaches were sad to have lost their friend. On the other hand, it was obvious here that their friend had also just murdered the mother of his three month old child. So you can’t really talk about “winning one for Jovan.” At least, not as openly.

In the end, the Chiefs’ coaches and captains decided to play the game on Sunday—probably just to help everyone take their minds off the tragedy. However, there was no mention of Belcher before the game, and players were not allowed to wear patches on their uniforms to honor their friend.

So what happened? Well, as though this were some kind of tragic movie script, the Chiefs banded together and, despite their heavy hearts, defeated the Panthers 27-21 to end their abysmal eight-game loosing streak.

As you can imagine, after the game everybody was pretty emotional.

Here’s what quarterback Brady Quinn had to say about the victory during his post-game press conference:

And here are the words coach Crennel had for his visibly drained players in the locker room:

Our hearts go out to the families of Kasandra Perkins and Jovan Belcher, and to the entire Kansas City Chiefs organization.

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