Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez Scored an Incredible Touchdown During Saturday’s Blowout Loss Against Wisconsin (Video)

amazing touchdown big 10 championship game

Fans of the Nebraska Cornhuskers (10-3) were probably licking their chops heading into the Big Ten Championship Game in Indianapolis on Saturday. Thanks to the fact that 1st place Ohio State (12-0) are a bunch of cheaters and 2nd place Penn State (8-4) harbored a pedophile for years—making both ineligible for the postseason—the Huskers got to face off against a Wisconsin Badgers team that was just 7-5 overall and 4-4 in conference play heading into the game.

Unfortunately for Nebraska, however, Wisconsin learned a lot from their mistakes this season, and they completely annihilated the Huskers by the absurd score of 70-31.

Yes, seventy. The Badgers had two players rush for 200 yards—Melvin Gordon had 216 and Montee Ball had 202—and a third, James White, rushed for 109. That comes to a grand total of 539 rushing yards for Wisconsin, who also threw the ball 18 times, just so their quarterback didn’t get bored.

However, not that it’s any consolation to Big Red fans out there, but Nebraska can at least look back at the game and say that their quarterback made what was definitely the play of the game—and what just might have been the play of the year in college football.

After Wisconson had already scored twice in the first five minutes of the game, Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez got his team right back in the game with an incredible touchdown run. Officially it was ruled a 76 yarder, because the ball started on the 24-yard line. However, Martinez dropped back pretty far and then had to scramble, which took him all the way back to the 6-yard line before he got going in the right direction.. So, really, it was more like a 94-yard touchdown.

And to top things off, Gus Johnson was on the call.  Check it out:

That’s definitely a play of the year candidate, wouldn’t you say?

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