11 Biggest NFL Quarterback Controversies of All Time

biggest nfl quarterback controvsies of all time

While the 2012 NFL Season hasn’t featured any truly epic quarterback controversies, we have seen an inordinate amount of minor ones. There’s Vick vs. Foles in Philly, Kaepernick vs. Smith in San Francisco, Cassel vs. Quinn in KC, Gabbert vs. Henne in Jacksonville, and, of course, Sanchez vs. Tebow in New York. But, like I said, all of these are relatively minor. Not one of these guys has won a Super Bowl—or even come close—and only San Fran is a winning team.

You want some serious quarterback controversies? Then check these out. Each of the controversies on this list feature seriously talented QBs and significantly impacted outcomes in one way or another. And, moreover, some of them got pretty nasty.

So let’s see who comes in at #11…