Nick Lachey Ejected from Chargers-Bengals Game for Fighting and Cussing (Video)

nick lachey ejected bengals game

It’s obvious that Cincinnati-native and former boy band singer Nick Lachey is a huge baseball fan. The guy owns a piece of the Tacoma Rainiers, triple-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners, and he reportedly expressed interest in owning a stake in his beloved Cincinnati Reds at one point. However, Lachey also loves football, and obviously he’s a huge fan of the Cincinnati Bengals.

So is it surprising that he made the 2-hour drive from L.A. to San Diego to watch the Bengals take on the Chargers at Qualcomm this past Sunday? Not really.

What is surprising, however, is the fact that Nick Lachey got into a heated argument with a Chargers fan, reportedly spewing nasty invectives and even choking a guy before getting the boot from stadium security.

According to the Chargers fan involved in the altercation, he was wearing a #99 Igor Olshansky jersey, and Lachey and his Cincinnati buddies were giving him crap for the better part of the second half. However, at one point Lachey said something about Olshansky that the fan said crossed the line, at which point his wife shot back, “Well, he lasted longer than your boy band”—probably the best burn in the history of burns.

At that point Lachey supposedly lost it and called the wife a “f–king b-tch.” That’s when things got physical.

The Chargers fan told TMZ that Lachey is the one who lunged toward him, but I have a feeling that, if Lachey called his wife a female dog, it was the other way around. The Chargers fan also says Lachey grabbed him by the throat and threw him to the ground.

After that, Lachey and his friends were goners.

Here’s a video of the incident obtained by TMZ. You can’t make out all that much, but hey, it’s the best we’ve got.

Lachey later bragged about getting kicked out of Qualcomm on Twitter. However, after the more serious, detailed allegations surfaced about what went down, his tone and tactic changed, and instead of bragging on Twitter, he let his “rep” speak for him.

That rep told TMZ:

“This was a verbal exhange between sports fans of opposing teams that went too far. While Nick isn’t proud of what happened, he did not choke anyone or use defamatory language to any women at the stadium—which the video tape clearly supports.”

So what really happened? I have no idea. But you can bet a couple hundred people certainly do. So stay tuned.

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