Introducing Nintendo’s “Ice Hockey: Lockout Edition” (Video)

ice hockey lockout hockey parody

The NHL lockout has now reached 80 days, and there are no signs of a resolution. The players have made what they call “major concessions” which the league rejected as nonsense. And the league has made what they call “major concessions” which the players have rejected as nonsense. Now they’ve called in a federal mediator, which apparently is going nowhere; and the players have tried circumventing league negotiators and meeting directly with the owners, which also seems to have done nothing.

So, in short, they’re all trying their damnedest to ruin hockey for us. And it’s gotten so bad that even classic video games have been affected by the avarice.

Just take a look at what’s happened to Nintendo’s classic “Ice Hockey”:

That’s right, it’s not “Ice Hockey” anymore, it’s “Lockout Hockey.” And true to the actual lockout, it simply features players and owners trying to get as much money as they can without regard for anyone else.

Of course, if they wanted to make this game even more realistic, they could have had a segment showing some dude getting evicted from his apartment because his second job working the concession stand at the arena isn’t paying the bills any more.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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