Bulgarian Soccer Player Suspended 6 Games for Body Checking Referee (Video)

bulgarian soccer player bodychecks referee

In pretty much every sport at every level, touching the officials on the field is strictly forbidden. If you push them, grap their arms, bump into them, or even throw your hat in their general direction, chances are you’ll be ejected and then suspended or fined.

So obviously, it goes without saying that you can’t body check them, either. And yet that’s what one Bulgarian soccer player did recently after a ref made a call that didn’t go his way.

On Sunday, Bulgarian clubs Cherno More Varno and Lavski Sofia played for the Bulgarian Cup. During that game, with Levski up 3-0, Cherno defender Sasho Alexandrov got whistled for a very soft take-down of a Levski player in the box. At that point, I guess he had seen enough, so when referee Stefan Spasov came running in to spot the ball, Alexandrov ran right at the guy and body checked him, hockey style.

Take a look:

Yeah, that’ll earn you a red card every time.

After the game Alexandrov apologized, explaining “it was not on purpose. I was ashamed when he fell.” However, that wasn’t enough to stave off further action from the Bulgarian Football Union, which suspended the guy for 6 games and fined him about $1500.

I guess he won’t be doing that again.

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