This Comcast Reporter Was Pretty Happy About the Wizards’ Win Over the Heat Last Night (Video)

sportscaster excited about wizards win

Heading into Tuesday night, the Miami Heat were 12-3, tied with Memphis for the best record in the NBA. This is hardly surprising. After all, Miami won it all last year, and LeBron James was named both the league MVP and Finals MVP.

The Washington Wizards, on the other hand? They were easily the worst team in the league. Whereas the NBA’s other awful teams—like the Raptors and the Cavaliers—all had at least 4 wins, the Wiz entered Tuesday with just a single victory. And they didn’t even get that until last Wednesday.

But you see where I’m going with this, right?

On Tuesday night in D.C., the Washington Wizards beat the Miami Heat. And it’s not like LeBron had a bad game or anything. The guy had a triple-double. But Washington somehow prevailed, 105-101.

Obviously, this will most likely be the highlight of what figures to be a long, miserable season for the Wizards. So players, coaches, and especially the fans were all making the most of it.

And so was this anchor on Comcast’s Sportsnet Central. Have a look:

Not exactly unbiased reporting there, is it? Maybe he’s from Cleveland or something, because he seems more interested in rubbing the loss in LeBron’s face than celebrating the Wizards’ victory.

But regardless, it’s still pretty funny.

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