Dustin Penner Got an Internship With Conan O’Brien During the Lockout (Video)

dustin penner internship at conan obrien

While I’m sure every NHL player would love to know what it’s like to play for the Montreal Canadiens in the most hockey-mad city on earth, there are definitely perks to playing elsewhere.

For proof, just look at what some players have been up to during the current NHL lockout. On the one hand, there’s Montreal’s P.K. Subban, who has been filling in for the weather reporter at the local CTV affiliate, training police dogs, and picking up shifts at Boston Pizza—all fun, but hardly glamorous. As for the Kings’ Dustin Penner, it’s been a completely different story. Playing in Hollywood, this guy recently got a sweet gig interning for one of the funniest people in television—Conan O’Brien.

Take a look:

Yeah, this bit is pretty cliched. I was pretty much expecting that. And yet I still found myself laughing out loud. With so many funny little bits like this, I almost don’t want the lockout to end.

Wait, yes I do.

Please, NHL, figure this out already. Conan is great and all, but it’s time for hockey!

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