Attempted Kick-To-The-Groin Results In Another Ridiculous Soccer Dive (Video)

terrible soccer dive

Here’s the thing with diving, or flopping, or whatever you want to call this pandemic in the world of sports: you’ve got to do it instantly, the very moment something happens. If you wait a full two seconds, nobody’s going to buy it.

On Wednesday night, Argentinian soccer player Alejandro Donatti found this out the hard way. His club, Club Atlético Tigre, was taking on São Paulo FC in the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana Final, when a scuffle broke out between a couple of the players. Donatti and Brazilian star Luis Fabiano stepped in to pull the players apart, but of course, that’s a little like Lindsey Lohan chaperoning Amanda Bynes on a night of clubbing.

So yeah, they ended up getting into it themselves. And at one point Fabiano gives a weak kick in the general direction of Donatti’s crotch. It does not hit Donatti, though. I cannot stress that enough. In fact, it probably doesn’t even get within 18 inches of Donatti’s junk.

But Donatti is a soccer player. So after thinking about it for a few seconds, he decided to fall to the ground in pretend agony.

Take a look (there’s a slow-motion replay at the 1:50 mark that provides a clear view of the non-kick):

You’ve got to give the referees credit here, though. They weren’t buying Donatti’s shameful act for one second. So after they showed Fabiano the door, they showed Donatti a red card, too.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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