Dutch Soccer Fan Tries to Kick Ball But Falls on His Butt, Spills Beer, Gets Laughed At (Video)

dutch soccer fan soccer fail spills beer

Europeans may be soccer-mad, but that doesn’t mean they all excel when it comes to actually playing the game. Assuming that would be like assuming all Americans could throw a perfect spiral or hit a fastball.

I make this obvious point, of course, to set up the following clip. It features a Dutch soccer fan standing in the tunnel from the stadium concourse to the stands, trying to kick a ball back onto the field. And as you surely have realized by now, it doesn’t go well.

Take a look:

At first I thought, well, this clip is funny, but I don’t know if it deserves the slow-mo replay treatment it gets here. But then I started noticing more things that made me appreciate all the replays. For example, there’s the way fans around the guy turn away and take cover at first, thinking they’re about to get hit by the ball as he drop kicks it, only to see him fall on his butt and laugh their heads off. And then there’s the way the stadium security woman laughs at the guy, rather than checking to see if he’s okay.

But hey, at least the guy pops back up with a smile on his face. You’ve gotta keep a positive attitude about these things.

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