LeBron James Left RG3’s Buddy Hanging After Tuesday’s Game Against the Wizards (Video)

lebron leaves fan hanging

If you think being a friend of Robert Griffin III entitles you to an automatic high five from LeBron James, think again.

You see, RG3—the greatest quarterback in football history and the Washington Redskins’ football Messiah, judging by all the hype—was at the Wizards’ huge upset win over the Miami Heat on Tuesday night in DC. And since all famous people know each other, LeBron James made sure to go over to Griffin after the game and say, “hey bro, thanks for coming.”

Well, just like he did a couple weeks back, when LeBron went to give his VIP high fives after the game, he left one member of the entourage hanging. And it was awkward.

Take a look:

That guy is obviously friends of RG3, but he gets no love from LeBron. However, in fairness, it does seem as though James just doesn’t see him.

Still, it’s funny that this keeps happening. LeBron apparently has VIP tunnel vision.

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