NBA Superstars Use Basketballs To Play “Carol Of The Bells” (Video)

nba players playing carol of the bells with basketballs

Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych’s most famous work, “Shchedryk,” has been covered hundreds of times by everyone from Kenny Rogers, to John Tesh, to Destiny’s Child, to legendary motion picture composer John Williams. Now it’s been covered by a quintet of the NBA’s biggest superstars.

Of course, you probably know “Shchedryk” better by its English name—the Christmas classic, “Carol of the Bells.”

Anyway, the NBA has created a new commercial advertising their slate of Christmas Day games and, more importantly, the special edition solid color jerseys the teams will be wearing on that day.  And this commercial features Dwight Howard, Russell Westbrook, Joe Johnson, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwyane Wade doing a Stomp-style rendition of “Carol of the Bells” with basketballs.

Yes, it is awesome.

Check it out for yourself:

This commercial still hasn’t made me a fan of the solid color special edition Christmas jerseys, but it has convinced some part of my subconscious that it might be fun to watch basketball on Christmas. And it also reminded me that it may be time to put the Christmas music back on my iPod.

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