Male Cheerleader Gets KO’d by Flying Female Teammate (Video)

male cheerleader knocked out doing stunt

Usually when cheerleading squads perform acrobatic aerial stunts, we hold our breath for the chick getting thrown 10 feet into the air.  After all, they are the ones defying gravity.  And, in fact, not too long ago, a cheerleader for the Orlando Magic named Jamie Woode suffered precisely the kind of thing you fear during a halftime show—she fell right on her head while performing a trick and had to be carted off on a stretcher.

So, yeah, we usually fear for the ones getting tossed. But what about the guys and girls doing the tossing and catching? Sure, they’re not flying through the air, but there’s definitely some risk involved in catching somebody who’s flailing and twisting about.

Case in point: this poor dude. I don’t know what cheerleading squad this is, but we do know that, during a recent practice, the girl getting tossed into the air plowed into the dude’s chest like a torpedo, and he hit the mat like a sack of potatoes.

Check it out:

Apparently there is a pretty steep price you have to pay for the privilege of looking up a girl’s skirt all day.

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