Texas Golf Pro Drives a Ball 146 Yards with a 14-Foot Golf Club (Video)

longest functional golf club

I’m a pretty lousy golfer, so if I hit a ball 150 yards off the tee and it lands on the fairway, I’m pretty happy. And that, of course, is with a normal club. If I tried to use some goofy novelty club in an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record? Yeah, it would be pretty embarrassing.

Luckily, Michael Furrh is a lot better than me. So when the Texas-based golf pro recently tried to set the new record for “longest usable golf club” to raise money for charity, he succeeded.

The length of that club? Try 14 feet, 2.5 inches. It was made from regulation steel shafts and a 460cc club head, and apparently it suits Furrh’s game just fine. The guy beat the standing record for distance with such a club five times during his attempt, and one of them traveled a ridiculous 146 yards.

Take a look:

Not bad, right?

Furrh and his company, Caddie Club Golf, say they hope to raise $40,000 for local charities by making appearances with the wacky driver at charity and corporate events over the next few months.

Here’s hoping they meet that goal.

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