This Funny ESPN Commercial Makes Bowlers Look Like Ballers (Video)

espn bowling commercial

Bowling isn’t exactly a “cool” sport. The paychecks are moderate, the uniforms are bland, the game itself is not all that fun to watch on television, and I don’t think any pro bowler in the history of the sport has dated a supermodel.

Nevertheless, ESPN has the broadcasting rights for the PBA—that’s the Professional Bowlers Association—so they’re doing their best to make it seem interesting. To that end, they recently unleashed a pretty awesome tongue-in-cheek commercial featuring the Busta Rhymes song “I Know What You Want” that makes the PBA look like a rap video. The only difference is that they’re polishing bowling balls instead of Escalades, and the close-ups of hot chicks in bikinis are replaced by close-ups of the pins

Take a look:

Obviously, the whole thing is a setup for the punchline at the end featuring the guy doing his “YEAH B!$#H!” gesture. Dude’s a baller, isn’t he?

I don’t know about you, but now I do kind of want to watch bowling—though I’m sure that urge will go away as soon as I actually start watching it.

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