Nate Diaz Flipped Ben Henderson the Bird During UFC on Fox on Saturday (Video)

Nate Diaz giving Ben Henderson the finger

Do you know what the big problem with the UFC on Fox is?

It’s not the graphic violence and bloodshed on live broadcast television. The good folks at the FCC don’t have a problem with brutal hand-to-hand combat and broken bones. That won’t affect your kids at all.

No, what’s really problematic is guys flipping each other the bird. That kind of thing just corrupts young, impressionable minds and simply cannot be tolerated.

But do UFC fighters really flip each other off all that often? Well, no, but on Saturday night on Fox, Nate Diaz flipped off Ben Henderson not once, but twice, in the span of 90 seconds.

The first one was subtle, but the eagle-eyed producers at FOX caught it and created a game-plan in the event that Diaz did it again. So when he did do it again, that plan went into effect.

What was this genius plan? Cut away to a wide shot of the interior of the arena.

ufc on fox censor

Unfortunately, we don’t have FOX’s censored version of the fight, but just try to imagine the above image cutting in at the 13:34 mark of the video below.  As for the first bird-flipping, it takes place at the 12:02 mark.  Check it out:

Nice, huh?

And best of all, ten seconds after the final bird-flipping, both fighters got back to their feet and Henderson knocked Diaz on his rear once again with a hard right to the chin.

It’s cool, though, because you can show that on television without getting in trouble with the FCC.

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