This Might Be the Worst Free Throw of All Time (Video)

worst free throw ever

Last week we told you about the worst half-court shot ever attempted. But as bad as that was, the guy who attempted it at least had plenty of excuses to fall back on. After all, a lot can go wrong when you’re trying to hurl a basketball through as 18-inch hoop that is 47 feet away.

Unfortunately, there aren’t as many excuses to offer up for a botched free throw. You’re only 15 feet away, which is so close that you don’t even have to leave your feet. Yes, sometimes there are crazy fans behind the basket, and sometimes they come up with some pretty wacky free throw distractions. But no free throw distraction can account for what you are about to see.

Check it out:

This poor guy is Briam Okam of the Appalachian State Mountaineers. I would say he should strongly consider wearing sweatbands on his wrists, because you don’t want to be doing something like this again.

And how about that reaction from the Western Carolina Catamounts announcers? They didn’t show the guy any mercy, did they?