Cincinnati Bengals Fan Captures Raccoon with Bare Hands, Like a Boss (Video)

The Dallas Cowboys pulled off a big, emotional, comeback win against the Bengals in Cincinnati on Sunday, just one day after their teammate, Jerry Brown, died in a car wreck.

This article, however, is not about that victory. Instead it’s about something much less serious and emotional that happened up in the stands at Paul Brown Stadium.

You see, during the game, a baby raccoon found its way into the stadium and started making trouble in the upper deck. And since baby raccoons are pretty cute, I guess that alone would be worthy of a post here on TotalProSports. However, what makes this little story just a little bit more interesting is the fact that the raccoon was eventually captured and removed not by a trained wildlife expert, but rather, by some random fan who took the situation upon himself.

Seriously, the guy just grabs the raccoon with his hands and carries it out of the stadium—like a boss.

“What’s that, fellow fan trying to help? Put the raccoon in this box you’ve obtained? No thank you, sir. I got this.”

Check it out:

Someone on YouTube claimed to be the daughter of the Cincinnati raccoon wrangler and said he was bitten and undergoing rabies treatment as a precaution. I have no idea if that is true or not, but it certainly sounds about right to me.

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