Watch This Referee Give the Miami Heat a Helping Hand (Video)

ref keeps ball in bounds for miami heat

Maybe Mark Cuban is right after all. I always thought the Mavericks owner was just a hotheaded loudmouth spouting ridiculous conspiracy theories about how refs fix NBA games for certain teams. But I now have to admit that, after seeing the following play, at the very least I can kind of see where the guy is coming from.

Last night in Miami, the reigning NBA champs hosted the improbably successful Atlanta Hawks for a Southeast Division matchup that could have resulted in a tie at the top of the divisional standings. During the 2nd quarter of that game, with Miami down by one, the Heat got the ball on a defensive rebound and looked to make a fast-break down court and catch the Hawks flatfooted. However, the outlet pass from LeBron James was too far in front of Mario Chalmers, so it started to head out of bounds.

But you won’t believe what happened next. One of the referees, apparently trying to get out of the way, ended up kicking out his foot, keeping the ball in play. So Chalmers picked it up and dished it to a streaking LeBron, who laid it in for an easy two points.

Just look for yourself:

The Heat went on to win the game 101-92.

Nice work, ref.

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