Raptors’ Amir Johnson Gets Ejected, Throws Mouthpiece at the Ref (Video)

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Things have not been going well for the Toronto Raptors.  They are 4-18 to start the season, they are an abysmal 1-14 on the road , and they are currently in the midst of a five-game losing streak.  Sure, their expectations weren’t exactly sky-high heading into the season, but with the off-season acquisitions of Kyle Lowry and Landry Fields, and the arrival of rookies Jonas Valančiūnas and Terrance Ross, most of the people within the organization had to beli

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eve that the team’s winning percentage would at least be above .200.

Well, it isn’t.  And as you’d probably expect, that has resulted in some built-up frustration among a few of the Raptors players. Amir Johnson is one of them, and he unleashed some of that frustration during last night’s loss to the Portland Trail Blazers.  But it was not an opposing player or the opposition’s rim that was the target of his frustration.  Rather, it was the official, David Jones.

It was all part of a strange sequence of events midway through the third quarter, as Amir exchanged words with the referee while battling over a dead ball with him following a free-throw.  That earned him an ejection, and because his day was done, he wouldn’t be needing his mouthpiece anymore…

…so he threw it at Jones.

Check it out:

Johnson is currently hitting only 49.6% of his field-goal attempts this season, so we’ll simply assume that his mouthpiece missed Jones.

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