WWE Throws Jabs at Manny Pacquiao During "Monday Night Raw" (Video)

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By now, most people have witnessed the brutal knockout punch from Juan Manuel Marquez that left Manny Pacquiao unconscious on the mat for nearly two minutes during the sixth round of their bout on Saturday night.  Seeing the former welterweight champion lay motionless on his stomach with his crying wife looking on was a frightening sight.  Heck, even Floyd Mayweather decided to pass up on the opportunity to take a jab at his foe, instead, choosing to offer his regards to the Pacquiao family on Twitter.

But not everyone has taken the same approach as Floyd.  Take the WWE, for example.  During yesterday’s airing of “Monday Night Raw,” Vince McMahon’s company took not one, but two shots at the Filipino boxer.

The first came courtesy of commentator Michael Cole, during a match between Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler:

And the second comes via The Miz, while he was interviewing Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes:


For a fake wrestling organization, they sure do pack one hell of a punch.

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