Meet Carlin Isles, the Fastest Rugby Player in the World (Video)

fastest rugby player carlin isles

Apparently when you’re an extremely gifted athlete, you can pick up new sports pretty quickly.

Take American sprinter Carlin Isles, for example. He didn’t make the cut for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Track Team, so he missed out on London. However, his personal best for the 100m is 10.13 seconds, which would have put him into the semifinals of the event at the London Olympics had he actually been there.

So the guy is fast. And apparently he hasn’t given up on his dream of making the Olympics, because he’s recently taken up rugby.

That’s right, rugby. The sport will make its debut as an Olympic event at the 2016 Games in Brazil, and Isles saw a window of opportunity. And though he just started playing the game about three months ago, he’s already taken the rugby sevens World Series circuit by storm.

Just take a look for yourself:

Makes you want to watch more rugby, doesn’t it?

Now, it should be pointed out again that this is rugby sevens, a version of the game with only seven players per side, instead of the usual 15. That opens the field up tremendously and results in more scoring. So it really benefits the faster players.

That being said, nobody else on the field seems to be that fast. So you have to appreciate the guy’s natural ability.

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