Watch This Guy Jump Over 14 Kids on Ice Skates (Video)

jules jardine jumping over 14 kids on ice skates

So, what’s your position on a guy with razor-sharp blades of steel strapped to his feet jumping over a row of children? Are you for it, or against it?

Personally, though I wouldn’t say I’m 100% against it, I’m not completely comfortable with the idea, either. Or at least I wouldn’t be if it were my kid. You can do whatever you want with yours.

I bring this up, obviously, because a guy named Jules Jardine does this little stunt every year at his World Class Hockey camps held in the Greater Toronto Area. He lines 14 kids up on the ice, gets a nice skating start, and then jumps over them.

Check it out:

The kids love it, of course. But YouTube commenters? They question whether this is such a wise thing to do.

Interestingly, Mr. Jardine himself responded to his YouTube critics with the following explanation:

“I have done this over 200 times and I can assure you it is completely safe. I am jumping over the kids’ shin pads and clear it with ease. I am not even going full speed. I do this every summer and kids beg to be last. The speed and power I create ensures there is no chance of me not making it. In fact I only do 14 for fun. I have actually jumped 18.”

Okay. I’m a little persuaded. Then he added a bit more:

“Obviously many of you have little or no experience of what is capable on skates at the elite level of skating. And that’s ok. I understand it looks dangerous. It’s not. Me jumping 14 students is like you jumping over a puddle on the ground.”

So there, you see? It’s like jumping over a puddle. Not a big deal. Except that Jules then goes on to say:

“Hey, give credit where credit is due. Nobody I have ever met in 18 years of running hockey schools has the confidence in their skating to even attempt this. Oh yeah. Just to make it even more crazy to believe…..I am 46 yrs old.”

Wait, what? Jules, buddy, you’re sending mixed messages here. On the one hand you say it’s no big deal. Then you come right back and say nobody else even has the balls to try it, and we should all respect your amazing skill?

Dude, it’s been a solid run, but maybe you should consider quitting while you’re ahead.

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