Kobe Bryant and Mike D’Antoni Were Awfully Frustrated Following the Lakers’ Loss Last Night (Video)

kobe bryant frustrated after loss to cavaliers

When the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Dwight Howard and signed free agent Steve Nash in the offseason, everyone (including myself) thought they were an automatic contender for the NBA Championship.

Man, were we wrong.

It’s not that they won’t eventually be contenders. They might pull things together. But the process has been anything but automatic. After just five games they fired coach Mike Brown, and passed up Phil Jackson in favor of former Suns coach Mike D’Antoni as his replacement. But the losing has not stopped yet, and through their first 22 games the Lakers are just 9-13.

Obviously, the sucking is starting to get to everyone. And last night, after a particularly frustrating 100-94 loss to the terrible Cleveland Cavaliers, coach D’Antoni and Kobe Bryant finally snapped.

During the postgame press conference, D’Antoni got fed up with a line of questioning from a particular reporter and he let him know flat-out how he felt. Kobe, meanwhile, was able to avoid taking any of the reporters’ questions personally—though he still resorted to some colorful language to express his frustration.

Check out the video:

Would anybody like to hazard a guess as to what Kobe actually said here? I can’t quite read his lips, but I know it wasn’t good.

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