This Cheerleader Hasn’t Quite Mastered the Basic Cheerleading Skills (Video)

european cheerleading fail

Basketball is getting more popular in Europe every year. More and more players are getting drafted by NBA teams, and the professional Euroleague is getting better all the time. In fact, some teams are even trying to mimic the true American basketball experience by introducing cheerleaders.

Unfortunately, the cheerleaders haven’t come nearly as far as the players.

Now, it’s true that American cheerleaders do botch things up from time to time. However, when they do it’s usually because they’re doing more complicated, acrobatic stunts. That Magic cheerleader, for example, fell on her head while being hoisted up on a dude’s shoulders. And this guy got kicked in the chest trying to catch a girl who had just been tossed 10 feet into the air.

As for the European cheerleader you’re about to see, she falls on her butt while performing a simple leg kick.

How embarrassing.

Take a look:

On the bright side, you know the quality of cheerleading can only go up from here, right?

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