Taylor University Plays Their Annual ‘Silent Night’ Men’s Basketball Game (Video)

taylor univeristy silent night

Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, may not be a college basketball powerhouse. In fact, the Taylor Trojans don’t even play in the NCAA. They play in the NAIA—the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. However, as they have demonstrated year after year, you don’t have to be a powerhouse to have one of the coolest traditions in college basketball.

Every season on the Friday before final exams, Taylor University plays what they call the “Silent Night” men’s basketball game. It’s always one of the rowdiest, craziest basketball games you’ll find anywhere—just not at first.

You see, at the start of the game the fans are completely silent. All you can here is the bouncing ball and rubber soles screeching on the waxed court. Then, when Taylor scores their 10th point of the day, the students go absolutely bonkers.

After that, there are a variety of shenanigans—this year students wore pajamas and danced the “Gangnam Style” at halftime—before things quiet down again at the end of the game and the students sing, obviously, “Silent Night.”

Take a look at this year’s festivities:

Isn’t that wild?

The Taylor Trojans may not get to participate in March Madness, but they do a pretty good job of creating their own kind of madness in December.

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