15 Best Sports Memes of 2012

funniest sports memes of 2012

It’s only mid-December, but chances are you are already getting tired of all the “Best of 2012” lists out there on the internet. However, here at TotalProSports, we’re trying to keep things fresh and fun. So instead of looking at “the most important moments” or “the biggest stories” today, we’re going to look back at the year in sports as documente by internet memes.

Now, just in case you’re a little behind the times, let me catch you up. Technically, an internet meme is any concept that spreads via the internet. So that can include viral videos, pictures, phrases, stories, or whatever. However, most of the time what we’re talking about when we use the phrase “meme” are those pictures with funny and/or clever captions you see people post on their Facebook timeline. People make numerous versions of these things, and they become a trend or fad.

So that is a meme. And today we’re looking at the funniest sports memes of 2012. Take a look. I dare you not to laugh.