Unbelievable Volleyball Spike Hits Three Players in the Face (Video)

volleyball triple six-pack ball to face

In volleyball, when you hit an opponent in the face with a spike, they call that a six-pack. I’m not sure why, exactly. I’ve read some accounts that say it’s because it makes the person woozy, as though they’d just consumed a six-pack of beer. But I’ve also read that it’s because some teams used to give a six-pack of beer to anyone who clocked an opponent in the face.

Regardless of why, it’s a fact that hitting an opponent in the face is called a six-pack. And what you’re about to see is the incredibly rare, simultaneous triple six-pack.

What’s that? It’s when a single spike hits not one, but three of your opponents in the face.

In this case, the ball hits the first guy, ricochets off his face to the second, then ricochets off his face to the third.

Take a look:

Unfortunately I have no idea what league this is from. But you don’t need that information to appreciate what you just saw.

So now, what do you think is more unlikely. The triple six-pack, or a spike careening off a player’s face and landing directly under the foot of a kid walking to the bathroom?

I’m going with the triple six-pack.

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