Boca Juniors Fans Rioted Yesterday in Buenos Aires…Just for the Hell of It (Video)

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Back in the day, the main job of South American riot police used to be squashing Marxist demonstrations against heavy-handed oligarchic dictators.

These days, however, I think South American riot police only exist to deal with soccer riots. After all, on Wednesday alone there was not one, but two major soccer-related incidents to which riot police had to be called.

One of these incidents we told you about yesterday. That was the aborted second leg of the Copa Sudamericana in Sao Paulo, where the visiting team refused to take the field for the second half because they claim riot cops pulled guns on them.

The other incident from Wednesday took place in Buenos Aires. There, about 50,000 fans of local club Boca Juniors took to the streets to…well, actually, we’re not sure why they took to the streets. Apparently many of them were just taking advantage of the fact that it was 12/12/12 to demand that Boca Juniors legend Carlos Bianchi (who was #12, obviously) be made the team’s head coach again. But really, it just seems like people wanted an excuse to riot and loot the city.

And of course, riot and loot they did. Check out the video:

Again, let me reiterate that fans were not there to celebrate a major Boca Juniors victory or commiserate over a major Boca Juniors loss. They gathered pretty much “just because.” And that gathering turned into a riot. Because, yeah, that’s how it works in South America.


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