Bode Miller Clocked His Hot Wife in the Face With a Golf Ball

morgan beck volleyball player

Bode Miller is really good at skiing. He is not as good at golf.

The U.S. Olympic gold medalist skier and his wife, pro volleyball player and model Morgan Miller, apparently like to spend quality time together out on the links when they have time off from training. Unfortunately, on Wednesday they didn’t have such a great time, because one of Bode’s tee shots hit his gorgeous wife right in the face.

Obviously, this could have killed her or left her seriously impaired. But luckily Morgan was wearing sunglasses at the time. They absorbed some of the impact of the ball, so instead of dying, she only needed 50 stitches.

Yes, fifty!

Miller tweeted pics of her mangled face after the incident, and they are pretty intense. But before we show you, first take a look at the before picture:

morgan beck before 2

And now here’s the after picture:

morgan beck hit by bode miller golf ball

Let’s hope the Millers already took the photo for their family Christmas card, because Photoshop aint gonna cut it this time.

I’d say something like, “I bet Morgan never plays golf with her husband again,” but I’d bet Bode wouldn’t even want to. Could you imagine how terrified he must have been as he watched the ball hit his wife? I wouldn’t be surprised if he never picked up a club again.

Get well soon, Morgan Miller.

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