Watch Double-Amputee Oscar Pistorius Race a Horse (Video)

oscar pistorious racing a horse in qatar

This summer, South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius captured the world’s attention when he became the first ever double-amputee to compete in the men’s 400m and 4x400m events at the Summer Olympics in London.

So what’s be been up to since then?

Well, right after he competed in the regular Olympics, he competed in the Paralympics. And since then he’s been using his fame to raise awareness around the globe for athletes with disabilities.

By doing what, you ask? Well, by racing horses for one. In Qatar.

Check it out:

I like how Oscar says “it doesn’t matter who wins.” Um, yeah it does, guy. People definitely showed up to the race fully expecting you to beat the horse. They even picked a dumb one (notice the trouble it had getting started?) to give you the edge.

Of course, from the horse’s perspective, it’s got to be pretty embarrassing to lose a foot race to any human, let alone one without feet. I mean, we’re the species that rides on top of them because we’re too lazy to walk around ourselves. So you know he took some crap from the other horses in the stable that night.

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