Danny Amendola Spikes Football, Hits Old Dude in the Face (GIF)

old guy hit by spike at rams game
Wide receiver Danny Amendola is one of the St. Louis Rams’ biggest weapons and probably the third-most important offensive player after QB Sam Bradford and RB Steven Jackson. Unfortunately, the guy has had to deal with a lot of injuries over the past two seasons. Last year he suffered a nasty injury during Week 1 that kept him out the rest of the season, and this year he’s played only 9 games while dealing with a dislocated shoulder and heal injury.

Why do I mention the injuries, you ask? Well, it seems that Mr. Amendola was pretty pumped to be back in action on Sunday in St. Louis against Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings. Because even though his team was getting embarrassed 33-13, when Amendola scored a touchdown in the 4th quarter, he spiked the ball as though he’d just tied up the Super Bowl.

And that spiked ball just so happened to bounce off the artificial turf and hit some poor old guy right in the kisser.

Check it out:

danny amendola touchdown spike

Obviously Amendola didn’t even notice what had happened at the time. But I hope somebody told him after the game, because he owes that dude a new pair of glasses.

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