Full Moon in Dallas: DeMarco Murray Got Pantsed by Troy Polamalu Yesterday (Video)

demarco murray de-pantsed

Baseball uniforms used to be baggy. Then they were tight. Now they are baggy again.

Basketball uniforms started out tight, but obviously now look like pajamas.

And hockey uniforms got a little tighter recently, but they’re still not exactly form-fitting.

As for football, the uniforms have remained constant for years, at least when it comes to pants. Those stretchy things have always been skin tight, and they still are.

Of course, this is what makes the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction of Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray so utterly baffling. How in the hell do skin-tight pants fall down? Did he have the flu this week and lose a bunch of weight? Did he accidentally put on one of the linemen’s pants? Did he grease up his lower body before the game?

We’ll probably never know. All we do know is that Murray got tackled by the raven-locked Troy Polamalu in the 3rd quarter of the ‘Boys-Steelers game yesterday, and the whole football-watching world got a nice look at his bare backside.

Check it out:

Yep, that’s pretty embarrassing. And it’s not even the first time this season that a Dallas player lost his drawers. The same thing happened to Eric Frampton about a month ago.

It might be time for the Dallas Cowboys to look into their pants situation.

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