Harlem Globetrotter Does Perfect Impersonation of Kobe Bryant (Video)

dizzy grant kobe bryant impersonation

When you’re a superstar athlete, your every step is watched and analyzed. The more successful you are, the more everyone knows your every mannerism, tick, and facial expression. And this is especially true in the basketball world, where superstars have more control over the outcome of a game than in any other major team sport. When you’re a superstar in the NBA, the analysts on TNT will break down slow-motion footage of your footwork, while the kids imitate your jump shot in their driveway.

Kobe Bryant may be the perfect example of this. If he’s not the biggest star in the NBA anymore, he’s a close second. And as a result, his distinctive expressions and mannerisms have been impersonated time and time again.

Earlier this summer, for example, we saw Kobe’s new teammate, Dwight Howard, do an impersonation of Kobe during a press conference that cracked up everybody in the room (incidentally, Dwight Howard is a master of impersonations).

Of course, that was just an impersonation of how Kobe talks. If you want an impersonation of how he plays, then look to Dizzy Grant of the famous Harlem Globetrotters. He’s got all of Kobe’s on-court movements down pat—from the jump shot to the facial expressions.

Check it out:

Not bad, right? And the guy even looks and sounds like Kobe. In fact, if I were Bryant, I’d hire this guy to do appearances as me at malls and conventions and whatnot.

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