Fan Runs Onto Field to Give Lionel Messi a Hug (Video)

lionel messi hug

Pro athletes are usually a little uncomfortable when fans invade the playing field. After all, that goalie in England got socked in the face by some drunken idiot, and of course, Monica Seles got stabbed by a Stefi Graf fan in Germany back in 1993. So you never know if the fans are there to have some fun or inflict pain.

However, if you’re Lionel Messi, you don’t need to worry. First of all, who would want to hurt a cute little 5-foot guy named Lionel? Second, and most importantly, you’re the world’s greatest soccer player. Not even the world’s nastiest soccer hooligans would want to harm “an artist” such as yourself.

Don’t believe it?

Well, take a look at this. During Barcelona’s 4-1 thrashing of Atlético Madrid on Sunday, a fan ran out onto the field in the 92nd minute and…gave Messi a hug.


And this wasn’t the first time a fan ran onto the soccer field just to say hello to Lionel. Back in August we saw two similar incidents involving the Argentine footballer. First, a German fan ran out and shook Messi’s hand. Then, back in Spain, a fan ran onto the pitch to give him a pat on the back after he scored a goal.

What can you say? People simply love Messi.

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