15 Pro Athletes Who Joined the Enemy

athletes who joined the enemy played on both sides of rivalry

It’s one thing when one of your favorite athletes leaves your team. It’s another thing altogether when he leaves and goes to your most hated enemy. However, that’s what happened last week when former Red Sox Nation favorite Kevin Youkilis agreed to a one-year, $12 million contract with the—gasp!—New York Yankees.

Sure, the Red Sox unceremoniously dumped Youk last season, so the guy certainly has no loyalties to the organization. In fact, he probably signed on with the Yanks for 2013 just to get a chance to run it in the Red Sox’s face. But to the fans, it’s different. Youkilis was beloved in Boston. Hell, he’s married to Tom Brady’s sister. Tom Freakin’ Brady. That made Youk Beantown royalty. And now he’s in pinstripes.

Anyway, in light of this development, I thought we’d see where Kevin Youkilis ranks among other athletes who ditched (or got ditched by) a team to play for their arch rivals. Curious? Then keep on clicking to see who’s here…


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