Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere Receives an Epic Nutshot (GIF + Video)

jack wilshere soccer nutshot

An epic sports nutshot is a paradox: it makes you cringe and squirm in your seat, and yet at the same time you simply cannot look away. Whether it’s a guy sliding crotch-first into a goal post, a 100 mph tennis ball popping a guy in the family jewels, or a football slipping through a guy’s fingers before colliding with his nuts, there’s just something that drives us to look.

Well, today we’ve got another classic nutshot for you. It comes from a recent Barclay’s Premier League game between Arsenal and Reading, and man, you’re going to need to ice your own marbles after you watch it.

Just look at it:

soccer nut shot jack wilshere


The poor bastard getting his nuts cleated is Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere.The guy is only 20 years old, but now I guess he’ll have to worry about whether he’ll ever be able to start a family.

Of course, that wasn’t the end of the awkwardness for poor Jack. It seems as though all the attention his groin received from the Arsenal trainer out on the field left his little buddy a little, er, overstimulated.

Check it out:

So he may not be able to have kids, but at least he won’t have to get a scrip for Viagra.

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