Tyson Chandler Greets Jeremy Lin With An Elbow During His Return To New York (Video)

tyson chandler flagrant elbow jeremy lin return

Hey, remember “Linsanity?”

Well, Tyson Chandler doesn’t.

Last night Jeremy Lin made his first return to Madison Square Garden after departing in the offseason for Houston. The fans were classy about it. They gave him a nice ovation when he was introduced before the game, then jeered him the rest of the time. That’s pretty much what you would expect.

However, Knicks center Tyson Chandler was not as nice to his former teammate as the fans were. So with the Rockets starting to pull away from the Knicks late in the third quarter, he decided to let Jeremy Lin know that there most definitely was some love lost.

In the following clip, Lin gets the ball in the corner, puts a move on the ancient Jason Kidd, and takes it to the basket, where the 7’1″ Chandler was there to greet him…elbows-first.

As you can clearly see, Chandler already had one elbow in the vicinity of Lin’s face when he decided to throw that other one into the mix, just for good measure. It’s a bush-league thing to do to a former teammate if you ask me; however, Lin is a classy guy, so he simply brushed it off.

Anyway, the Rockets went on to beat the Knicks 109-96, handing them their first home loss of the season. The Rockets also beat the Knicks in Houston back in November by a lopsided score of 131-103. So Lin is 2-0 against his former team this year, with the Rockets outscoring the Knicks by a combined 41 points.

Maybe this is the start of some sort of Linsanity curse?

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