The Jets Were Hilariously Awful on Monday Night Football (GIFs)

sanchez fumble

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse for Rex Ryan and the New York Jets, they have to play a game on Monday Night Football. The last thing they needed was another opportunity to bring their bumbling idiot circus to national TV—with a berth in the postseason on the line, no less—but that’s what happened.

And it pretty much went the way you would expect: an awfully hilarious comedy of errors.

The main takeaway from the evening, no doubt, is the putrid performance of Mark Sanchez. You really have to feel for this guy at this point. He turned the ball over five times last night. Five! There were four interceptions and one fumble.

And the timing of these turnovers? Yeah, it wasn’t good. Two of them came in the last two minutes of the game with the Jets trailing 14-10, just one lousy touchdown away from keeping their playoff hopes alive.

The first of these late-game turnovers was a pretty typical interception…in the red zone. Bad, but not hilariously embarrassing. As for the second of the late-game turnovers, it was embarrassing.

See for yourself:

mark sanchez fumble

Note to whoever the next coach of the Jets will be: Mark Sanchez is not good under pressure. And the only people who still seem to have faith in this guy are Rex Ryan are the strippers at Rick’s Cabaret.

Still, there were other hilarious Jets moments from this game that had nothing to do with Sanchez. For example, one of their coaches got injured on the sideline when he failed to get out of the way of a play coming his way:

jets coach injury

So, yeah. Not a good night for the Jets.

It was so bad, in fact, that one of the TV sound guys simply couldn’t take any more. So he faked an injury:

sound guy injury jets game

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