Sidney Crosby Plays Goalie for Local Ball Hockey Team

sidney crosby ball hockey

When Sidney Crosby played his last NHL game, he did so as arguably the league’s best player.

When he plays his next NHL game, he may do so as the league’s best up-and-coming goalie.

Okay, so that probably won’t end up happening, but who knows?  If this lockout lasts long enough, Crosby may get enough practice in at the goaltending position at the Dek-Star Dekhockey Center in Pittsburgh to consider making the permanent switch.  He was there Friday night playing between the pipes for his friend’s team–who was in need of a goalie after their regular tender couldn’t make it–and he recorded the shutout during a 4-0 victory over a team coincidentally named, “Flyers Suck.”

And best of all, the opposing team and the referees had no clue that it was Crosby under all of that equipment until one of the refs recognized him with only a few minutes left in the game.  And some of the opposing team’s players even left the rink that night without knowing that they had just been shut out by “Sid The Kid” himself.

Here’s Crosby making a save:

sidney crosby ball hockey

Great form!  He looks like a natural.

Hat Tip – [Bloguin]

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