Is This the Worst Free Kick Ever? (Video)

soccer free kick fail

In recent months we have seen some pretty terrible penalty kicks. There was the terrible one by Jonathan Soriano of Red Bull Salzberg in Austria. And there was that equally terrible one by Brazilian superstar Neymar. However, while these awful shots must have been extremely embarrassing to the players who took them, they at least have some excuse. They can say, “well, I guess the pressure got to me,” or something like that.

The guy in this clip you’re about to see, on the other hand,  isn’t so lucky. You see, he didn’t blow a penalty kick. He blew a free kick from inside his own box.

Now, just in case some of you aren’t familiar with soccer, this should have been the least pressure-packed play the guy made all day. He didn’t have to score. He didn’t have to make a perfect pass. All he really had to do was kick the ball in the air far enough down field so that the other team didn’t get an immediate scoring opportunity.

Nevertheless, goalie Evanildo Rodrigues blew it big time. He plays in Qatar for El Jaish, and in a recent game against Al Rayyan, he managed to kick the ball backwards on a free kick from his own penalty area, resulting in a corner kick for the opposing team.

Take a look:

Obviously there’s a reason why this guy is playing in Qatar and not somewhere in Europe or South America. That was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.

Hat Tip – [The Guardian]

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