Brazil’s Falcao Scores Ridiculous Futsal Goal (Video)

incredible soccer goal falcao

Futsal is a version of soccer played on a smaller field with fewer players, usually indoors. Though it’s not really that popular in North America, it is popular recreationally throughout the rest of the soccer-loving world. And of course, in soccer-mad Brazil they even have a pretty popular professional futsal league.

The greatest superstar of Brazilian futsal is a guy named Falcao (no, not the one who plays for Atlético Madrid). Though he’s now 35 years old, Falcao is regarded by most as the greatest player of his generation, and throughout his futsal career he’s been a regular source of highlight reel goals.

And just this week, he scored another incredible goal that some are saying might be his best one ever.

It came during an exhibition match at the “Futsal Fest” between Estrelas and Atletico, Falcao’s current team. Unfortunately, I don’t even know how to properly describe what your’re about to see. All I can say is that the goal came off a free kick.  Upon first glance, it doesn’t even seem possible. But it happened.

Take a look:

I’m assuming futsal goals aren’t eligible for FIFA’s annual goal of the year award. But if I’m wrong, I think we already have next year’s winner.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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