Watch This Guy Do Parkour Off Strangers’ Cars Sitting in Traffic (Video)

crazy parkour on strangers cars in traffic

Imagine you’re sitting in traffic on your way home from work, listening to the radio and trying to take your mind off the gridlock, when all of a sudden some guy runs up to your car and does a handstand on it.

You’d probably be confused for a moment, but then kind of pissed off. I mean, what if he’d dented the hood of your precious Hyundai?

Well, some people recently got the chance to find out exactly how they’d feel if something like this happened. Because it did happened. To them.

What we have in the following video is some unknown guy doing parkour off of strangers’ cars sitting in traffic. Or at least, they’re said to be strangers’ cars. The guy goes over, under, and even through a number of cars before capping it all off by jumping off a bridge and into a river.

It’s pretty nuts. Check it out:

I’ve got to hand it to this guy: he definitely has some major cojones. I mean, what if that guy whose truck he crawled through had a gun in the glove box? Or what if that van he crawled under took off a little faster?

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