This Video of Fake NBA Trash Talking is Hilarious (Video)

nba trash talking parody

Lots of sports broadcasts are putting microphones on athletes and coaches these days to get an “insider’s perspective” on what’s happening in the game. However, if the game doesn’t happen to be completely meaningless (like an All-Star Game), they tend to edit and censor what the players say pretty frequently. So fans don’t really get to hear everything that the guys are saying on the field, ice, or court.

Well, recently some dudes decided to have some fun by imagining what NBA players are saying to each other when they trash talk. And the results, I must say, are hilarious.

However, before you hit play, be warned: there is some nsfw language here that you definitely don’t want your kids or your boss (unless he or she is super cool) to hear.

But if the coast is clear, you’ve gotta check it out:

(Again, it contains nsfw language.)

My favorite part is definitely the technical foul on Scotty Pippen for “illegal nuts to the face.”

Anyway, hopefully this will be the start of a new trend in hypothetical sports conversations along the lines of that whole “NFL quarterback facebook conversation” thing. Because I could watch a lot more of these.

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