The Jets’ 2012 Season in One 4-Minute Blooper Package (Video)

mark sanchez butt fumble

The New York Jets’ 2012 season will be one for Jets fans to forget, and for everyone else to laugh about.

If you fall under the category of “Jets fans,” I suggest you leave this post now.

As for those of you who fall under the category of “everyone else,” we have something special for you.  It’s a four-minute video of the many embarrassing moments that defined the Jets’ season, with highlights coming in the form of Mark Sanchez’s infamous butt fumble against the Patriots, and Santonio Holmes’ inexplicable fumble that he gift-wrapped for 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers.

So, without further ado, here is the New York Jets’ 2012 Season of Bloopers.  Just think of it as an early Christmas gift from us to you.

Season’s Greetings!

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