Check Out Some NBA Stars Singing Jingle Bells…Really, Really Poorly (Video)

nba stars singing jingle bells

Is it just me, or is the NBA really pushing their Christmas Day games hard this year? First they introduced those special edition solid color jerseys. Now they’re hitting the airwaves and the internet hard with a big ad campaign featuring the league’s biggest stars.

A few weeks ago it was guys playing “Carol of the Bells” with basketballs, which was awesome. Now it’s guys singing “Jingle Bells” with re-worked lyrics.

Is the new commercial as good as the last one? Well, that depends. It’s less awesome in the “wow, that’s impressive” sort of way. But it is more awesome in the “wow, that is hilariously bad” sort of way.

The video features Jason Kidd, James Harden, Blake Griffin, and Chris Paul. Highlights include:

– Kidd proving that he is 110% tone deaf
– Harden’s beard
– Harden’s crazy teeth
– Blake Griffin and Chris Paul obviously reading the lyrics for the first time while they sing them

Sounds fun, right?

Check it out:

The punchline to this commercial should have been, “Watch the NBA on Christmas. We promise the players won’t sing.”

Also, as impossible as it seems, I’m not sure if Jason Kidd has ever heard “Jingle Bells” before. But at least he was a good sport about it.

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