This Flying Reverse Triangle Chokehold Submission Looks Like Something Out of the Matrix (Video)

flying reverse triangle mma knockout

Any time an MMA fighter does something that gets compared to a move out of The Matrix, he or she is doing something right.

Last Friday was the premier event for a new Canadian MMA promotion called Havoc Fighting Championship. The event, HFC1, was held in Calgary, and regardless of the attendance or the revenue figures, it could not have gone better.

Why? Because at this event, a guy named Wolfgang Janssen submitted another guy named Aaron Armstrong with an insane flying reverse triangle chokehold, and the video is getting a lot of play on MMA sites and forums across the web.

Now, don’t worry if you’re not an MMA expert and have no idea what a flying reverse triangle chokehold is. Mastery of MMA terminology is not required to appreciate this move.

Here, see for yourself:

Is that sick or what? Havoc could not have asked for a better start.

Also, I must say it’s kind of nice to have a great MMA highlight that doesn’t involved spattered blood and cracked bones, but instead features a simple act of true athleticism. Nice going, Wolfgang.

Hat Tip – [Cagewriter]

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