Fabrice Muamba Lights Up Dance Floor On ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Christmas Special (Video)

He’s back!

Nine months ago , footballer Fabrice Muamba collapsed and suffered a terrifying heart attack during a televised FA Cup match between his Bolton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur. The cardiac arrest episode was a scary one, as Muamba’s heart stopped beating for close to an hour.

Thankfully, he’s okay now, though the 24-year-old’s promising soccer career did come to a premature end. So now, instead of running up and down the pitch, Muamba is staying active by showing off his dance moves.

The former Wanderer appeared on the special Christmas episode of Strictly Come Dancing, the British dancing television show that gave birth to its American counterpart, Dancing With the Stars. Muamba performed alongside the very lovely and foxy Aliona Vilani in a Cinderella themed dance.

Check it out:

Muamba’s heart condition might prevent him from playing soccer, but it certainly hasn’t slowed him down on the dance floor.

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